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Update iOS App with adding some features, already updated the Android version apk so job is easier

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I’m looking for a developer to make an upgrade for an ios app, fix small things in the android app. the apps is built on NATIVE

This app is controlled by web based admin panel so the changes should be reflected on it. 95% of the required upgrade is done in the android version, I Have the apk file. Just need to make it also in Ios. 

TIME is a great factor for me as I need it as early as possible. While not sacrificing the quality of course.

Brief :
• Current app for selling clothes and add customization to the clothes, the app is already in play store and app store ( android and ios)

• I wanted to do some upgrades to it, upgrades on android almost %90 done but did not finish and did not go live in play store. Only few points and fixes left to do for android and the upgrade is done. I have the apk for android.
• Now I need to perform same modifications and added features to the Ios version. And also will reflect those changes to the admin panel.
• App information :
1. The app allows user to choose a product and make customization on it like add text, designs and also upload their own pictures.
2. App only allows registered customers to purchase customized products.
• App components and info:
1. Ios
2. Android
3. Admin panal
• The server runs in AWS cloud hosting.

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