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Update a simple Desktop App

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Need programmer to update a simple existing desktop app that posts data to craigslist and does a little scraping also to power the posting.   It uses sqlite, saves basic data and connects to external websites. Program is capable of running in batch mode off command line for event scheduler to run the scripts properly at right time. There is a basic UI consisting of 2-3 screens.

We are compiling for Win10, then Mac.

Technologies skills needed: Python/Tk  (Python 3.5)

This is an existing app that needs 1) a few UI updates and 2) an environment build script that can be put into Docker container or a wget shell script that installs script environment and runs it as a batch. Also needed is a simple license key scheme to limit usage.

To apply, you must use linux as your primary dev environment (debian is preferred, ubuntu is ok).  If you have other Tk apps you made, please share details.

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