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Understanding the attitude of people towards same sex couples seeking ivf treatment over last 15 yea

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I need a project of 11000 Words on Understanding the attitude of people towards same sex couples seeking ivf treatment over last 15 years
It's a medical domain report so I need an experienced writer from the same domain and I need it by 10 July.
For more details on the project, you can just message me and we can discuss it in brief. 

Research Question: How did the attitude of people change towards same sex
couples undergoing IVF treatment as compared to heterosexual couple over past
20 years?
 To find out whether there have been changes in the attitude of people
towards same sex couple.
 To find out factors influencing people perspective to change towards the
homosexuals taking infertility treatment.
 To implement the results to optimise further infertility treatment for other
patient management like the transgender.

 Study Type: Systematic Review
 Study Sources: Medline,Google scholar, PubMed, Cochrane,Trip Database
 Eligibility criteria:
Inclusion Criteria:
 Studies over past 20 years would be considered.
 Studies talking about homosexual couple marriage would be considered as
they show the people attitude towards same sex couples.
 Included reviews of patients, staff, doctors, gynaecologists.
 Studies talking about the ethical issues with same sex couple would be
Exclusion Criteria:

 Studies past more than 20 years won’t be considered.
 Data Analysis: A systematic review would be done from the papers
relevant to the inclusion criteria.Papers from the past 20 years would be
sorted out based on the keyterms and literature review of the relevant
papers would be done.
 Contingencies : There might not be much papers so the sample size maybe
small to conclude my verdict.