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My name is Lim, Origin Ampang , KL.

I will try my best to make a sincere representation of myself and my business; and perhaps you could decide further if i could qualify for your services. 

I am a small time IT service delivery provider;

I was formerly a freelancer engineer, over the past 2 years, I've sort off switched into more mainstream & corporate accounts; now i serve a few maintenance account;

I don't sell products, only services at the moment though i sub and re-sub quite a few IT jobs (i'm thinking im like Grab services but only a much smaller and hidden niche scale)

Managing the backed finances and properly administrating the service at the same time has come to a point where it is becoming overloaded, i rarely have hours left in a  day and the weekends.

I have 2 little children that i was hoping not to miss out so much on their growing ups, so i was trying to reach someone and share it out may as well before hugging it all to the bottom of the ocean;

It isn't much that i make but there are the highs and the normalize income seasons;

The problem i feel i have is good administration;

At the moment, i am a backyard business person, all worked from home: logistics, call assigning, technical lead, project managing, payrolls, HR,
.....the hidden tasks are endless
....and also the desire to register and operate as a legit business (this is perhaps my biggest motivation)

Feel free to reach me should you see something within, I am willing to strike a deal and attempt a plan/negotiaion.