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Transcription Within 4 to 12 Hours: Edit a Machine Generated Transcript to 99% accuracy

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Need a transcriptionist who can edit a machine generated transcript of 60% to 90% to 99% accuracy within 12 hours. Looking for US time zones or closer to US time zones. 

  • Files can vary from a few minutes to a max of 2 hours.
  • Typically, the files are 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Pay starts from $5 and it is for an Audio Hour, NOT per hour of work ( Audio Hour refers to the length of the audio file. If the audio file is 1 hour long, then you get paid $5 for the task )
  • The rates vary depending on the following: 
    a) Quality of the audio: If the audio is clear, then it would be $5. However, if the recording is done in a noisy environment or has choppy audio, etc, then the pay will start from $10 onwards.
    b) Format: For a Clean Verbatim file, the pay is $5 per Audio Hour. For Full Verbatim, the pay starts from $7 and upwards. 
    c) Number of speakers: For 2 to 4 speakers, the rate is $5 per Audio Hour. For more than 4 speakers, the pay starts from $7 and upwards.
  • The minimum rate for a 1-hour audio file is $5. The maximum rate can go up to $15. 
  • Please commit to work only if you can ensure 99% accuracy. 
  • Please use [inaudible] tag to mark parts of the audio you cannot understand.
  • Please DO NOT enter words which make no sense to the context. If you want, you can make a guess of the word, but enter the word in brackets like this: [guessed word?]  
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please submit files within the deadline. If you fail to, unfortunately, I cannot pay you.