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Transcripting Notes and Content Re-Wording / Creation

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I am looking for a person long term for two types of tasks:

1. Transcripting notes from my main Job (Director) I go to a lot of meetings every day and I take notes in paper, I would like these notes to be transcripted into Digital (Word, OneNote...)
1.1 -->Example Exercise A - See attached Sample Note (Notes_Meetings_checkboxes_500px SAMPLE)

2. Content Re-Wording / Creation;
2.1. Content Re-Wording: Rewording orginal texts to make them original and unique (Original Provided)
2.1.1 -->Example Exercise B - Rewording of the 4 Posts Samples attached in the word document. See attached (Content Re-Wording SAMPLE)

2.2. Content Creation:
Recreate and Re-word from internet posts and creat a post about a subject:

2.2.1-->Example Exercise C - Create Book Summary Post - Around 6000 charaters
Post title: Rich-dad-poor-dad-summary
Examples to use:
(you can find
other sources)

2.2.2-->Example Exercise D - Create Post - Around 6000 charaters - 
Post title: 10 things you should know
before starting to invest by your own
Examples to use:

(you can find other sources)

I am happy to receive offers for the entire job, but please split up by items by Dollar amount or Time amount. If time amount please provide Cost Per Hour.

This Job is a test, if the right person appear probably the agreement can be extended for a period of six months or more if the work is done effectively and with quality.
Future Workload:
- 20 notes per week like Example A
- 10 content re-wording per week Example B
- 2 long posts per week Example C and D

Knowledge about Investing/saving will be benefitial as almost all works for posts / rewording will be about that.