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To deliver a letter and get a response on my behalf. Only for residents of Angola - Luanda!

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I just want to request government office for information in written form and need someone to deliver my request and receive the response from the Tax Office and Gaming Regulator on my behalf.

Text of the letter also should be translated into the language of Your country (that's simple, because the text is very short, just a couple of sentences)

The work is split onto 2 Milestones:

Milestone 1:
- You come to the Tax Office and to the Gaming Regulator Office and give them the letter.
- They put their reference number/stamp (which confirms that they received the letter from you) or both to this letter
- You make photo of this ref. number/stamp on this letter and send this photo to me (This is the confirmation of delivery)
- You get 25 $ US dollars.

Milestone 2:
- You receive the response from Tax Office and Gaming Regulator Office
- You send me scanned copy of this response  
-  You get 25 $ US dollars.

Total amount: 50 US dollars.

You do not need any specific skills but you must live in the capital city because the offices are located here.