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This process includes creating a job post for an angular developer, distributing it via job search

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Angular 10 Developer For Hourly BasisAn angular developer is a person working on the UI side of your software. They create bits and pieces and then connect them into the final product. Working with different frameworks requires specific sets of technical and soft skills from developers.If you want to hire an Angular developer, you’ll be looking for most of the following expertise:

  • Knowledge of (and solid experience with) Angular, preferably the version you intend to work with
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS, because they are fundamental skills that come in handy when developers seek solutions and tweaks 
  • Knowledge of Core JavaScript and TypeScript, because it is the recommended programming language for Angular.
  • Ability to build complete modules and components
  • Ability to build single-page applications 
  • Understanding of web services used in the system
  • Knowledge of Node Package Manager (npm), because it is used to install Angular and other web development packages
  • Using Angular Command Line Interface, because it enables developers to code and configures app efficiently
  • Using Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS), because it is a library for reactive programming
  • Knowledge of browser APIs and REST architecture
  • Knowledge of Git, because it allows you to safely experiment with new features and coding methods
  • Knowledge of server-side rendering
  • Knowledge of methodologies such as KISS, DRY, SOLID
  • Ability to manage sockets
  • Soft skills such as attention to details, good communication skills, creativity, solution-oriented thinking, ability to work in a team
If you are looking for an AngularJS developer, here are the skills you should focus on:
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5
  • Knowledge of AngularJS practices and commonly used modules
  • Ability to create complete and testable modules and components
  • Ability to build single-page applications 
  • Understanding of SEO
  • Using Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS)
  • Knowledge of browser APIs and REST architecture
  • Knowledge of (and experience with) Backbone.js, jQuery, NodeJS, Polymer or React
  • A similar set of skills to what is listed for Angular developers
Developers’ experience and skills can vary and they may not be able to meet all these requirements. That doesn’t mean they should be written off. Some of them learn quickly, while some have skills and knowledge of alternative tools.

What kinds of angular developers exist?