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The project is to build a build a prototype of P2P lending.

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Application Type: Native 

Brief: I'm also a computer programmer , the reason for free lancing this project is the shortage of time.The requirement is to build  a prototype of an application. The application should have a sign_in page, where the users can sign_in.Then it should redirect to the "Lending Groups " layout where it should have a '+' floating button, on clicking the button the user should be redirected to the "Group Creating" layout where it should collect information of the borrower. After collecting the information the group should be created in the name of the borrower.   These groups should be listed in the form of list view and when the users clicks on the particular, they should be redirected to the "Group Members" layout and it should also contain a '+' floating button on clicking the button the user can new users to the particular group with their respective information and performs. The basic functionality of this prototype is to perform calculations, which would be discussed after getting the estimate.
Some Similar Apps/Websites:  

Email Signup/SignIn
Social SignUp/SignIn ( Google)
Create lending groups with lending information
Add members to particular groups
calculate returns to the groups and the members of the groups ans store that information

Designs: UI Designs can be submitted if required
Backend Technology (APIs): Can use firebase free version
Timeline: 3-4 Months

Send a Proposal if you can do it and I will send a detailed Requirement Documents for further discussion if I shortlist your Proposal.