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Testing, bug fixing and completing incomplete sections

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The website has a vendor section, client section, professionals section, admin section. 
vendors can sell tours, activities & products.
Testing, bug fixing and completing incomplete sections is required.
FedEx API integration is required.

  1. Text error during input in text box to create listings and all other text box ( / amp; /n )
  2. User should stay signed in for 12 hours minimum by default, sign out == sign out && closing browser
  3. Bookings tab not working properly - have to get on a screen share to understand better  
  4. Notifications should be created on various events like booking, cancellation etc- please suggest.
    check in - email, sms, notification
    checked out - email, sms, notification
    correct representation
  5. Partner - Listings & offers not working properly - have to get on a screen share to understand better 
  6. Send emails to the guests who are getting invited for specific package 
  7. rating and comment not appearing 
  8. Invoice 
  9. Availability calculation 
  10. correct time zone and timezone reference 
  11. Guest emails 
  12. guest - inside tours - arrangement of information - have to get on screen share to understand better - listing pages only max 8 tabs should be there
  13. Purse & Passbook - Testing for bugs
  14. Add sorting input in categories
  15. Addons is not reflecting properly in front end - not being able to add to purchase
  16. process of Cancellation by vendor and guest - testing & bug fixing
  17. privacy and settings
  18. Discount sticker not appearing
  19. Booking checkin and checkout should unlock on same day as required - otp.
  20. While inviting friends from guest panel to his booking there is a error coming
  21. offers & Discounts creation problem and not showing properly to guest.
  22. Review tab sorting should be lower to high and search option and different tab for past dates, present dates & future dates
  23. Vendor and Guest and Professional should have option to delete their account
  24. availability - maximum booking count not changing
  25. First time discount coupon
  26. when guest invites other guest invited guest will also receive one time discount coupon
  27. Discount coupon type options
  28. Assign staff to whole package
  29. Review should not be compulsory and Description should be shown only to vendor and Title should be public
  30. Reviews and journals are not showing in package detail page
  31. tools to search and sort missing in admin at some places
  32. Invited after account deletion.
  33. Bookings, payment settlement & Cancelation - Deep testing required
  34. Front end Design and data representation - testing and fixing
  35. static text correction
  36. hack protection & other types of website protection - please suggest