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Ten Magic Style Effects for Gaming using Adobe After Effects

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Job Description:
This job is for ORIGINAL "magical" type gaming
effects such as:  Energy bursts spells or powers,
Particle/Fairy Dust swirls or spells, Fire spells, Plasma/Vortex
type spells, and similar wizardry type gaming effects done with After Effects.

NOTE: Each effect must be your OWN CREATION that you can license exclusively to me. This means it CANNOT come from a plugin either free or purchased (they retain all license rights). It CAN be created from built-in effects inside Adobe After Effects but you must edit it to be very unique and professional looking. 

My purpose is for distribution in a new game, so it MUST be an effect CREATED by YOU and not owned by anyone else in any way. 

The goal on the visuals is:

Clarity, realism, and creativity. I prefer
realistic magic such as Harry Potter type rather than the cartoonish effects
used in most games.  PS- Must look good on transparent GIF animation, which requires some creativity.

Required for payment:

A) Unique, personally created effect (If the
effect submitted looks too similar to current effects, I will offer a
suggestion of edit for quick resolve. (If you choose to re-edit your own way,
it is fine.. but I still reserve the right to refuse if it is still not unique
and different enough from other copyrighted effects).

B) Each of the 10 effects requires (2) types of files to be rendered:  

1st - A 
1 second to 3 second GIF with transparent background with
(seamless, continuous looping)

2nd - A 1 second to 3 second video with background transparency 
(seamless, continuous looping)

(Give sample GIF animation render and obtain approval of effect BEFORE high definition render).

C) Separate rendered directions of the
each effect are required as follows:

1 - Horizontal

1 - Vertical

4 - Depth Angles at 45, 135, 225, and 315
degrees vectored from center of sphere outward toward surface.

4 - Depth Angles moving opposite direction from
previous (from vector point toward the center.)

1 - Half moon curve shape

Note: Each direction of the effect is
a straight line (except the one curve). But please also note physics of
elements such as direction of flames, smoke, etc. at different angles...
especially vertical.

D) Each different direction (angles/semi
circle/horizontal, etc.)  should be a separate 1 - 3 second seamless
continuous loop rendered in 1080 resolution HD quality with a
transparent background. 

E) Submit the created effects' Adobe After Effects settings to me, along with giving me a worldwide exclusive license and ownership of the newly created effects (I have a standard licensing form you can use so you won't need to write it)

The goal on all renders is:

Good clarity of FX on resize and Low as possible overall file size. 

Please check render matches the goal and
requirements above before submitting your sample.

(Recommend sending small samples to cut down on
your render time and edits needed) 

If you complete this project to satisfaction, I will give you a new job doing the same requirements with
DOUBLE PAY of $200.  Each job you perform satisfactory I will again increase the pay on the next job.


Deadline: 3 weeks.