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Templates for a service generating landing page

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Dear Webdesigners,

Our service & Context
I'm the owner of a new service It's a service that helps people to create their own landing page, to advertise their links to social networks, mobile apps, location, etc.

We have developped a technology than can support and host millions of page, with millions of views, in a fast and reliable way, at very very very low cost, compared to our competitors.

Please have a test on, if you would bid: it takes only 30s to subscribe and generate a landing page, and it will save you (and me) minutes of explanation.

Our needs
Our technology is great, but our UI (let's be honnest) is not!

You can see, some landing page generated by some users: 
Some companies:
Or more personnal

We're looking for a new design for the landing page of our users. A great landing page for our users is key for the success of our service!

We're looking for templates for the generated landing pages, that can display multiple links supplied supplied by our users, display their main and background picture, or even more, if you have great ideas...

The expected delivery

To discuss: I prefer to pay for quality than a huge amount of assets delivered!

- 2 templates, that could be declined in at least 3 kinds of main colors (eg. dark/white, green, red, blue, orange, etc.)
1- Business template
2- Personnal template
- The template should be delivered containing all the potential links with their icons for each category of links (websites, youtube, twitter, phone, instagram, etc.). We have 50 categories of links.
- It should contain a footer, respecting the brand identity (supplied if you earn the bid)
- It must be responsive
- It must be static (Javascript OK, but no PHP or anyother server side rendering technologies)

If we're very satisfied of your delivery, I will pay an extra... (sorry, I can't give KPIs to determine our total satisfaction)