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Telecaller and Administrative Assistant

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4 /Hr

Estimated Hours - 40

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Reports to: Management
Eligibility :
MUST have access to uninterrupted Internet and phone  
Proficient in ENGLISH & HINDI.
Candidates who could speak Punjabi are desirable as most of our clients are from punjabi community
MUST have PERSUASIVE Sales & marketing Skills
MUST have at least 1 year  experience in a Multi-national call centre preferably (Australian Client)
Able to work Australian Working Hours ( 10:00 AM -06:00 PM)

As a Telecaller/ Administrative Assistant , your primary role will be to reach out to leads promptly (within 15 minutes during Business Hours & First thing in the morning for After working hours leads/prospects).Confirm Lead appointments if they self-schedule their appointments and book an appointment for unscheduled appointments).Must have confidence on phone and have persuasive abilities to book an appointment for leads who didn’t self schedule their appointments.
Responsibilities:Take 100% ownership of your role and responsibilities and their EXECUTION.Don’t wait for management for everything.Be proactiveCall Management

  • Call schedule leads and confirm their appointments (with in 15 minutes when a lead drops in into Google Spreadsheet)
  • Call unschedule leads and book their appointment with your persuasive abilities
  • Answer any questions lead may have
  • Call Hot,Warm & Cold Leads daily based on daily priorities
  • Be courteous on the phone all the time
  • Meet and exceed daily call KPIs

Lead Management
  • Reminder SMS has been Sent Or Automated for all existing leads (Follow SMS Script for details of SMS has to be sent)
  • Maintain Daily Lead Spreadsheet with Number of Leads booked in/Show up/No Show/Rescheduled/Unscheduled
  • Unscheduled Leads has been contacted and asked to book (Follow Phone Script)

Facebook Page Management
  • Take complete OWNERSHIP of business facebook pages
  • Post/Schedule Daily Motivational Post/Engaging Question/Share Daily WINs
  • Checking Diet Plan Posts and commented and liked.
  • Any questions by member has been answered
  • Wish Member/Challenger Birthday on facebook page

Daily Meeting & Reporting
  • Daily EOD of the day report to Management
  • Weekly Meeting with Management

  • Calling existing clients weekly if they don’t have up for training weekly
  • SMS fortnightly to check in if they have any questions or feedback\
  • Calling them on their birthdays or anniversaries