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STATA guru needed for survey data extraction and processing

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This job involves finding target variables in survey
datasets and formatting them using STATA scripts. The goal is to extract and standardize
selected variables across multiple sources of public opinion. Deliverables
include STATA do scripts that format selected variables in public opinion
datasets and MS Word documents that list the selected survey items from
questionnaires. This work should be easy for anyone experienced using STATA to process
data, but it can require complex problem solving and the ability to
independently make good data-management decisions. It involves
cross-referencing information in datasets, questionnaires, and codebooks to
ensure accuracy. We are flexible, but our ideal candidate would have an
educational background in a social science disciplines such as sociology, political
science, psychology, economics, or similar. They would also have experience
with public opinion, survey research, polling, or market research.

Duties and Tasks

  • Search codebooks, datasets,
    questionnaires, and other files using specified keywords to find similar
    questions across different survey rounds and sources 
  • Record survey items into
    reference guides or data dictionaries to provide a codebook for the formatted
    and merged data 
  • Adapt, edit, and rewrite existing
    Stata script templates to format variables into common naming schemes and coding
  • Provide Stata scripts that clean/format/merge
    survey data and associated codebooks describing formatted variables 
  • Perform quality control checks to
    ensure accuracy


  • Your own copy of Stata software
  • 1+ year experience using Stata 
  • 1+ year experience writing Stata
    do scripts 
  • Fluent in reading, writing, and
    speaking English 
  • Patient and methodical attention
    to detail


  • Degree (BA, MA, or PhD) in
    political science (or other social science such as sociology, economics, psychology) 
  • Proficiency in reading Spanish
    (for South American survey sources) 
  • Workstation with 2+ computer
    monitors (makes the work easier and more efficient)