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Software development for RFID tags

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We are purchasing RFID tags and equipment from a supplier in china. The RFID tags will be used to track a small scale animal feeds product in warehouse. The supplier has a demo software and SDK kit that is provided with the equipment. We need developers to modify the demo software - We have attached PDF files for the software development requirements and SDK links to download the SDK file to view what modifications are possible.

Suppliers Solution - see PDF: Chafon solution for warehouse inventory..
Step 3: we want to include allow manual reading via hand held reader to track number of bags packed per day. Also manual reading via hand held reader to track if correct tag has been placed on correct bag (tag for 5 kg is placed on 5 kg bag, tag for 10 kg is placed on 5 kg bag). Reader will show tag type (5kg, 10 kg) so user can see if tag is correct for required bag. Also Reader will show number of tags - if more that on tag is placed per bag then user is alerted.
Step 4: bags are stored in storage areas (loading bays) not shelves. System will track items loaded/removed from loading bay location (which is currently shelf location) and inform user where item is to be loaded or removed (see RFID Software development.PDF). UHF readers at door used to track loading/removal of bags 
Step 5: Out/in scanning will display Order quantity on secondary screen/monitor and control gates/lights (see RFID Software development.PDF)
User can access system online to see position of storage bags, loaded bags, orders, labour (see RFID Software development.PDF)

- Download CF-RU6403 (Attached file) this is the RFID fixed reader
with four antenna ports which will be placed at the entrance (see Chafon RFID solution for warehouse inventory management.pdf). This has the demo warehouse management software with manual

- Download CF-RU5102 (Attached file) this is the UHF USB desktop reader
writer to assign Tag labels to required products (explained in RFID Software Development.pdf)

- Download CF-H902 ( this is the RFID Android handheld