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Software Client/Server Architecture

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We are looking for a client server based java application using latest technologies for a dynamic front end. THe application will have a server management console for administrative purpose, client end for accessing the application. the application will be built using angular, JS, JSON, Java, React and others. 

THe application is divided in to the major following parts
1. A connectivity engine which will connect to any database or data storage environment, to fetch the metadata, not data itself.
2. A workflow engine which will help the user to drag and drop process components to complete a business process.
3. Any approval for access will be given through these processes , these are dynamic and the user will design these processes as brief in point 2.
4. the retrieved metadata will be stored ideally in JSON, or in a database.
5. The metadata retrieved will be displayed in a traceability diagram.
6. THere is a hierarchy to be made with the application through the front end user. this can be discussed further, just to understand example of hierarchy could be as follows Organization--> Department-->Domains-->Assets-->Attributes and relationship.
7. the dashboard of the application will be user based, displaying the information related to the user. Also the dashboard will be dynamic and the user may make any adjustments and add or delete the required information. The dashboard will display the count of assets stored with in the application,(simple reporting using graphs and charts)
8. Logs and history of every changes.

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