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About us:
We are a non-profit organisation focused on the promotion and exploration of chamber music of the Baroque, Galant, Classical and Romantic eras. We are committed to showcasing works of music previously looked over by the canonical classical music culture. We are looking to further cultivate early music within the Netherlands through our organization. Our goal is to reach an expanded classical music audience. Within the Netherlands and in many other countries. As the average age of a classical music listener is over 55, we hope to reach out to younger listeners and make the early music experience approachable for everyone.

We are a new cultural force. Our varied creative team is young, vibrant, and from a diverse cultural background. Academically trained and unafraid to test and perform music of unknown composers, our musicians and creative team has the courage to explore non-canonical composers. We also explore women composers, composers of color, queer composers and the cultural contexts within they were allowed to create music in time when it was not a given these people could be so independently creative.

To achieve our goals, marketing is key, this is why we are looking for a Social Media Specialist, freelance, part-time, between 5 and 10 hours per week

Responsibilities include:
-Providing continuous input and improvements to our social media plan
-Provide ideas for and collect input for content
-Modifying raw content into appropriate content
-Research content
-Advise on social media platforms to use
-Manage the accounts actively
-Advise on the use of additional (paid) options that platform offer
-Set results and report on achievements

What we require from you:
-Affinity with classical music
-Excellent and up-to-date know-how about the workings of social media
-Experience with SEO (search engine optimisation)
-Excellent command of the English language
-Ability to write for a European audience

Other remarks:
-Activities will be paid per hour on a weekly or monthly basis
-There will be a limited budget for supporting materials
-Access to the internet and appropriate hardware and software should be included in the hourly rate

To apply do the following:
-Share 2 or 3 of your social media success stories in maximum 300 words and provide links
-Optional, share your success stories in the field of SEO in maximum 300 words
-In a maximum 300 words, tell us a little bit about yourself, your connection to classical music and your proposed rate
-If you have any other relevant skills you would like to showcase, please do so as linked content
-We will interview the three best candidates via Skype in September