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Social Media Marketing

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About Us

Personalised Virtual Employee (PVE)

We are a UK based company helping start-ups /small / medium
sized companies to manage their operations more effetely.

We provide them a virtual assistant that helps them in
managing their processes like IT Solutions (web design, Logo design, hardware
etc) , admin workand digital marketing.

Please go to
for more information.

Objective: We want a third party, managing our
digital marketing services. We want to start it with PVE before we together start
supporting our clients.

We want to promote PVE on the following social media
marketing platforms

1 Facebook

2 Youtube

3 Intragram

4 LinkedIn

5 Twitter


Evaluation process:

We want to evaluate an interested company/individual that we
can work with us long term. To ensure that we have a right partner we want them
to do a small exercise for us. We expect them to go through our website and
develop a strategy that they propose to implement for the above-mentioned
platforms. We want them to explain:

1 How each platform is different from others?

2 Why the strategy you are proposing will work?

3 How they will ensure that the post/videos/picture that
they will create will be relevant for our clients.

4 What would be the targets

5 The cost involved.

6 Any other suggestions they may have to ensure good services.

Please note: Don’t bother if you are not willing to take
up this exercise.