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Social club income generating

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I setup a social club with unlimited members, each member is pay membership fees $300 to join and at end of 30 days, each member will receive $3000 income monthly, this is not MLM, it is a single line network of 60 position represent 60 days, those members joined the club for 30 days will get pay $3000, first join get pay first, it is spillover and loop network, meaning member 1 enter at position 1 as day 1, new member 2 move member 1 to position 2... so when furst member 1 moved to position 61 then member 1 get pay $3300, and after member 1 received paid so member keep $3000 and automatically paid $300 back to join club again and again in the loop non stop forever, but the income is pay on the day 30th, meaning every member started from position 1 and move up to position 60, possibly every member will reach up to position 60 within minutes but those members still have to wait until the day 30th to get pay. When members grow up to thousand and million members then first member will moved up to poisition 60 within a second. I will write the program pseudocode for You, I want you to write the program to use 60 members to pay for the first 30 days member on the loop again and again. Make sure your program to perform the calculation of all 60 member fees to pay $3000 for those members first reach up through to position 60 , your calculation is make sure the mo ney i s enough to pay every member that complete to position 60. You can reduce the position to 49 position or 49 days ad long as the money collect in is enough to pay for every members that completed the cycle from position 1 to position 60 or 49.