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SMTP Provider for our Email marketing platform

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We are looking forward to build a "Email marketing platform" and in a stage for finalising SMTP provider. As part of this gig our expection from you is to find a SMTP provider which can be used in our platform.

An SMTP provider needs to fill in following criteria:

When a new customer signup on our platform, customer should be able to send email using their own "From Address" moment they sign up using the SMTP provide configured in our platform. These "From Address" can be from different domain and will not be restricted to the domain of our platform.

As an example, our platform will be on domain X%Y%Z [dot] com.

Two customer signed up, they will be having an ability to provide "From Address" as part of email campaign in Admin Console. That email be used as "From Address" in the emails that they will be sending to their users.

Using the configured SMTP provider and our platform, customer should be able to send to their users.

Customer 1 - user1 [at]
Customer 2 -  [at]

When customer 1 sends email to their users, we want to keep "From Address" as  [at] and content for that email will be created on our platform. There should not be a need to verify alpha [dot] com domain but only email [removed] be performed and it should be seamless.

We request you to share 3-4 SMTP provider which meets above criteria.

As part of validation, we would be trying those platform and making sure it fill our needs and then payment will be approved. If we notice SMTP provider does not meet our criteria, we would not be approving payment.

Feel free to ask questions before you start working on it for any clarification