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SMTP Bulk Email Server

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We need to get a SMTP server for sending out bulk/mass cold marketing emails to prospects. We intend to start with 10K emails/day with the possibility to increase this limit in the future. We are looking only for inexpensive and fast to deploy offers.

Your proposed solution for the SMTP server should solve at least the following issues:
-have a suitable hardware configuration, operating system, cpanel and hosting management;
-provide suitable email rate limits (per hour and per IP) preferable with simultaneous outgoing queues;
-be a scalable solution for upgrades;
-achieve a higher rate of inbox deliverability;
-have multiple IPs (fresh and clean);
-provide warming up management of IPs and domains;
-have automatic IPs rotation management (potentially domains’ rotation as well);
-provide setting up of domain and server records (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, TXT, MX, A, DNS, RDNS, etc);
-offer best solutions for IPs replacement, whitelisting IPs/delisting of blacklisted IPs;
-any other details could be provided upon request.

When bidding, provide the following minimum info:
1. brief details of your proposed SMTP Bulk Email Server solution: description of your type of server (hardware, OS, cpanel, hosting, IPs rotation, domain/server records management, IPs replacement/whitelisting, etc); server’s setup costs; server’s monthly costs; time to deploy a fully operational server; etc;
2. brief details of your proposed services for server’s setup, configuration, implementation of all the required solutions and there related proposed costs;
3. brief details of your proposed ongoing services related to server’s operations and there related proposed ongoing costs