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SmartOffice Native Android App

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Title: SmartOffice [GOV Client]

Code base: We
have mature code base for app. On top of it We are looking for
development of few functionalities with Backend integration that
hosted from AWS. App already have Side navigation drawer layout,
Bottom Layout view, Google Map, profile and many more code will be

Skill: Android
Native Java, VollyAPIs, Google Map

GIT: Code
Base URL

Design Doc:
Screen Design and Design Doc with Sequence Diagram

Rest API: 90%
Apis are ready
and hosted from AWS

Postman Script:
Working postman Script Ready

Notes and
Condition for Project:

Acceptance of
First milestone
of Project, will decide the Deal.

  • I will
    award this project based on achieving first milestone specified in
    this portal along with Project details.

  • Posted
    project have already 3 milestone but I have given detail as design,
    screen, backend detail about only one milestone.

  • This Project
    have 4 components Budget >50 K. I posted only one component’s
    basic feature and basic milestone just for finalize deal.

  • Project has 8

  • Deal is kind
    of Business relationship If App is accepted by client, we will get
    more business and assignment I will approach the same developer

  • 3 thrice a
    week or alternative day call setup is required.

Milestone 1:

Existing for all Activities and fragment Just integrate and Align

screen, SignUp, Forget Passowrd, Activate Profile, OTP verification,
Reset Password

Home Page should Map [Existing] with Position [point] nearby offices
from current location
Proper Side and bottom navigation with relevant icons [Code exist but
UI enhancement for professional look]

Features List
for Development

  1. Integrate
    developed existing Sign up and Forget Password, SIGN In screens in
    Existing Application. Login,
    SignUp, Forget Password, Activate Profile, Reset

    OTP Verification

  2. Profile
    Details on screen and Integrate with Back end API call to fetch

  1. Update Phone

  2. Change

  1. Share Doc by
    Contributor: Upload pdf/doc using Rest APIs.

  2. Order History
    Screen : detail fetch from backend API

  3. Public doc
    [in Bottom Navigation View]: With Tiles/Grid view with Category name

  1. First Tiles
    name “This Machine Doc” Its again nested tiles view [sub folder
    in folder]

  1. On Clicking
    any tile: It will show the List view with links and Each Item in
    List embedded with hyperlink [AWS S3 location url]

C. On Clicking any link pdf page will viewed but not
downloadable[Optional] and with Print Dialog and show all print
inputs in dialog box

  1. Shop :
    Tiles/GRID with Dummy or static input to survey only

  2. View Of
    Doc/Pdf should have Print Dialog and able to collect the print
    details and able to push data to cloud.

  3. Map
    integration with search

  1. Current

  2. Show
    available offices nearby

  3. Fragment with
    Map should have Direct Share, Remote Share and Cloud Share.

9. On Open
the File Pdf /Doc should have Print Dialog

10. On clicking any
Any item on screen for performing action, user must be login-in. If
token expired then redirect to login Activity/fragment.

11. One Screen for
Utilities: Just have few buttons with URL.

12. Activity with
list view of Pending items each Item is embedded with URLs and list
of items details will be fetch from backend call.

13. Upload doc by

14. Logout action
will be on side navigation bar. That remove the token and show login
as Guest without any token.

16. HIstory of
shared doc is exist but just add button on the navigation view as
Favorite doc option.

17. Refer and Earn

18. Pending Doc list
with button upload for each to upload updates.

4-3 more
straightforward and simple functionality I am defining will be
shared before deal.

Acceptance criteria:
Shared during deal