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Small Xamarin mobile App with Google Maps for Android and iOS

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I need a new Xamarin mobile App Project with Google Maps.

Menu view with 1 Logo and 3 Buttons.

After click Button 1)
User can select a street from current located city and can click next-Button
User see a liste with streets and street numbers.
User can click "+" and enter a street number with "enter".
The user see the list again with a new entry with street
Button "back" for go the Menu view.

After click Button 2) All addresses should be shown on a list with a clear Button for deleta all addresses.

After click Button 3) The addresses should be shown on fullscreen google maps with pin.
When click on Pin the addresses is removed and not anymore shown on google maps.
You should see your current Position on map, also have compass from map should work.

The app should be finished before 20 of august.

This is just the first step. There will be many more work (about 5 hours every month, will be payed extra) for updates, improvements, error fixing ...

A Github Xamarin-Forms repository is just created. You can download this project to start and later you should checkin your code to this repository.