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Skilled programmer in C & arduino needed for multiple little tasks

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I use to make arduino projects,
but I need some help, I need an assistant preferably in India:

-help me clean my code
-help me remove bugs using good software analysis (probably using a better editing software than arduino IDE)

-draw the code organigram for me, it takes me too much time

How to do :

I provide my code, you extract it's actual organigram and you draw it. By hand on a paper or if you have a good software for it, but I still haven't found one that can transcript all eventualities

You clean and improve my code, but keep it in the way I want it to be, very easy to read.

You look for the logical disorders that may lead to bugs, you propose correction.

You need to be much more efficient than I am. Otherwise, you won't be useful...

I need someone for regular and long term relationship. It's not for earning a lot on money. I'm not rich anyway. But normally paid & quite regularly because I like to work always with the same person. My team if you want.

For beginning, I may ask you a small task as a test. Job has to be clean and not messy.

If you are data entry person, code beginner....  no need to try please.... my time, save yours.

Thank you for reading.