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Simple research task on anime/otaku/cosplay market in Philippines

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This is job request. I need a person who knows well about anime/cosplay/otaku/online-game market in Philippines. I think anyone who likes anime and online game can do this job. Compensation for this job is US dollar 450 in total. 

I am a researcher in the company gram Inc. A market research company belonging to Cross Marketing, a listed company on Tokyo Stock Exchange Market.

The client of this report is trying to enter into "VTuber market" in Philippines. 
As to VTuber, see following video.

I would like to ask you to do some research work on following question set. Payment is done upon your invoice issued by the end of September, and payment will be done at the end of October. Sorry for slow timing of payment, but this is the corporate rule, so please allow it. 

If you cannot answer some questions, the percentage of un-answered questions are calculated and this ratio is applied to your fee. For example, if you answer by 90%, 90% of USD 450 will go to you. 
Days of this research work (deadline) is 10 days from today. 
I would like to have a brief response as to availability of you soon. 

1st question set
<Anime related market>
- Top 3 widely known Japanese anime in Philippines. TV broadcasting starting year your country.
- Top 3 widely known Philippines made anime. TV broadcasting starting year your country.
- Brief report on a typical anime mania shop with photo (physical shop) in Philippines. Photo copied from Internet is ok. 
 Who are shoppers? How much money do average shopper spend in one time shopping (estimation)? 
- Brief report on typical anime mania shop on Internet (online shop). 
 Who are shoppers? How much money does average shopper spend in one time shopping (estimation)? 
- What is the most influential online community of anime fan and otaku on Internet such in Facebook and other. 

<Anime event and companies>
- Brief report on cosplay event or similar anime event influenced by Japanese anime.
- Top 3 Philippines anime companies. 
- Brief report on new business of anime market in Philippines. 

<Idol market>
- Top 3 K-POP artist well known in Phillipiens. 
- Top 3 US idol of pop culture, especially of Kawaii (girl/cute/anime-like) culture
- Famous live concert of Japanese idol in recent three years. 

Our client of this research is interested in monetizing methods of live streaming video by creators, gamers and influencers.
There are two types of live streaming in our research scope. 
1. Live broadcasting which is mostly done by influencers and artists. Streaming platforms includes YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories Live, Bigo Live, Periscope and others. There are so many similar mobile app as Bigo Live. 
2. Game streaming which is usually done by gamers. Twitch is the most widely used streaming platform, but there are several alternative platforms which are introduced in the article below.
Twitch Alternatives: 6 Platforms to Stream your Favorite Games

In some of streaming platforms, viewers can give donation or send a digital gift that contains monetary value. In YouTube Live, Super Chat is the name of donation functionality. Viewers can send special message with donation up to USD 500. Similar donation or gift is implemented in mobile app such as Bigo Live. 

Questions are ... 
1. In your country (or the country for which you are collecting information), what type(s) of monetizing (donation, money gift giving and other type of money transfer) are usually seen? Please describe platform name and monetizing method name. List up three major types.  

2. Please select one of the most frequently used platforms for live broadcasting by influencer or by artist from below. 
YouTube (Super Chat in YouTube Live), Bigo Live, MeetMe, LiveMe, IMVU, Badoo and LOVOO (Super Chat of YouTube or Bigo Live would be very popular in money giving)
And see one or two hours by logging in the platform. Write down three typical money giving cases. 

3. How much do you suppose that the most successful influencer/artist/live broadcasting talent can earn in one month? Please write down your supposed amount of money for one month.
4. How much is average movie theater ticket? How much is average live concert (rock music) ticket? How much is average lunch price (for business person in the Capital city)? 
5. Regarding to the law, what is the name of the law that regulates violence and pornography in the game? 
6. Regarding to the religious matter, please describe important points that foreigners (Japanese company) must understand very well when the company creates game content. 

That’s all.