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Simple Angular, Django App

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We are a small football team from Germany.

What we need is an app that people can use from the browser, android, and iOS. (Ionic, Angular)
The app has approximately 14 screens.
[Register screen]:
The user can create an account, Therefore the user should type a username, email, and a password in text-fields.
clicking on the button "register" the user should be redirected to an
[information page], which notifies the user that an email was sent and
that they have to click on the link in the mail.
After the user clicks on the link in the email they should be registered.
[Login screen]:
user can log in to the app with her/his username and password. So two
text-fields and 3 buttons(login, forgot password, register), as well as
our Logo, are displayed on the screen.
[Forgot password screen]:
the user is prompted to enter the email address the user registered
with and will then get a link for password-reset via email.
[Landing page]:
the landing page, the user can see a list of card-views for all the
teams. Every card belongs to one Team and has information about the team
and a picture. On the top of the landing page is a toolbar.
The toolbar has two buttons. One opens a [navigation-bar on the left] and one button opens a [navigation-bar on the right].
the left navigation-bar, the user can see their information (username,
email) and some buttons (settings, coins, my games) that bring the user
to a new page.
After the user clicks on the team card-view on the
landing page a new page opens. The [games list page]. Here we have all
games listed. A game is a card-view that has an image, some text (title
of the game, some information, team manager name), icons and numbers
(how many likes has the game, how many players) and two buttons.
With one of these buttons, the user can change their coins against a game ("They can buy a game", in a new new [buying screen]).
After the user has bought the game, the user can click on the card and see the [opinion list page].
opinion list page is a list of card-views and an audio player at the
bottom of the screen. The cards include a picture, some describing text,
and a play button. If the user clicks the play button, the
corresponding audio file starts to play. If the user clicks on the card,
the [opinion detail page] opens.
The opinion detail page contains
the same picture as the card shown in a larger format, more detailed
describing text (longer text) and the same audio player at the bottom of
the page.
The [settings page] contains options to change the username and the password.
The [coins page] contains an option to buy coins with credit cards and Paypal.
The [my games page] contains all the games the user bought in the past.
An additional page showing the [user agreements] is also included.

We think that angular with ionic for frontend and django for backend is a good fit.
Also not so experienced developers(students, part time) are invited to work with us.