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Set up Neural Style Transfer on AWS and connect with Google Drive

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Skills needed:

  1. Experience with AWS
  2. Familiarity with Neural Style Transfer or similar (
  3. Experience developing automation for google drive 

Project Background & Context:

The Company you will be working for sells art prints online. The art prints are made by modifying photos using Neural Style Transfer. Currently, we use a public web app to do this ( This web app is slow and requires a lot of manual work. Your project is to replicate the results of this web app in a way that does not require as much manual effort for our content team.

  1. Set up the Neural Style ( project on my AWS account.
  1. Optimize the neural style parameters so that the results that are output are at least as good as those output by the webapp we currently use (

  2. Set up a connection with my Google Drive account so that images saved to Google drive are automatically processed through Neural Style.

Acceptance Criteria:

Given a style has been set up with the name ‘picasso’
When a user saves an image to the google drive with a name ending ‘picasso’
Then an appropriate AWS instance is initiated
And the image is processed using the ‘picasso’ style
And saved to the same folder

Given there are no remaining images to process
When processing of an image is completed
Then the aws instance is terminated