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Server Full Business Management System

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(ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functions.
We need a full business management system on a server with Username and password for each employee that includes the following and more : 
1- Customer Database 
2- Supplier Database 
3- Employees Data 
4-  Sales & Returns Transactions 
5-  Purchases & Returns Transactions 
6-  Invoice for Multiple Items 
7-  Reports & summary for : Sales report summary for each customer, Sales Rep summary, Sales Summary for Each item in inventory,  Sales summary for all the goods sold, Sales summary by Daily Profit, Monthly & Yearly, Purchases summary daily, monthly & Yearly etc....

This system should be on an online server and the admin should be able to set a role for each employee on the online system with a username and password. Each employee should only see what's related to his/her role only and not be able to see anything not related to their role. 

Don't Hesitate to contact me for further info. Thank you.