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Sending informative messages with positive vibes to app female users

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I'm developing an application called Tallah for booking online styling sessions, based on some info provided by the user, we send a standard messages to each client based on her choices during the registration process, the application service is originally built for busy mams and or busy career women, who want to be always elegant but don't have the time or energy to look after her outside look,   accordingly  I want a content writer with interest in women fashion & styling to write the following in order to provide value and interest in users to keep on using the application and spend more time on it :

1-  in a form of messages/emails addressed to female clients in both Arabic & English, what are the best out fit styles for different body figures separately(rectangle, hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle and apple shapes) in each message/email  with figure it will be addressed to the female client with this body shape , he/she will divide the paragraphs into blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, Jackets or coats, shoes and accessories , under each title , I want 3- 5 tips , 1-2 don'ts, brief but clear, each letter with body shape will not exceed 400 words, the less with quality and updated content  the better .

2-Also 2 messages/emails addressing petite and plus size figures separately, please do not exceed 250 words each. 
3- 3 messages/emails to explain the right colors based on her selected skin tone , warm, neutral and cool undertone (do not exceed 90 words each) .

4- an article on how to discover your undertone type, max 180 words 
*bullet points and short paragraphs are strongly recommended 

in general, please start with the basics and then go forward, so it can be in sequence , organized, understandable and brief , both languages should be friendly, pleasant, professionally written  and elegant,
 please note that I need original content , ""your work will go under content & plagiarism checkers before payment is approved."" the shorter with quality and value the better.

words/sentences such as ,  Tallah app, professional stylists, online styling services, booking a makeover styling session, explore different types of styling sessions, based on the style assessment by Tallah, you are or you need to , should be used .