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Selling Holiday Vouchers - Make Serious Money

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25 /Hr

Estimated Hours - 500
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Telemarketing is about making serious money, otherwise you get a different type of job.

Australian Escapes is Australia's leader in discounted resort packages. Our packages are easily sold over the phone when using our time-proven approach developed over more than 15 years.

The customer pays between $79 and $99 to receive one or more deposit vouchers for genuinely discounted resort stays. We have invested enormous effort in acquiring bulk-buy deals that are unbeatable and affordable.

Holiday vouchers perfectly suit telemarketing because you are selling a luxury idea for an affordable price and low $ commitment is required.

You will receive an hourly rate retainer plus commission at 40% of sales. An average operator will generate 3 to 6 sales per 5 hours. If average you can expect to earn around $25 to $30USD per hour. If above average: $40 to $60USD per hour.

BUT - that's not the serious money...

Once experienced you can join our membership sales team converting the above voucher sales into memberships. The average sale is $360 AUD. You get 40% (average $140 AUD per sale). Around 70% of voucher customers convert to a membership. You should convert 2 to 3 per day.

Apply today.