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SecondMenu bar Subnavigation menu bar using bootstrap 4+ Jquery 3+ and / or bootstrap 4+ angular 8

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Required SubNavigation MenuBar from Bootstrap Main menu. 
1) Bootstrap menu bar contains menu items, each menu item may have drop down, mega menu, off canvas menu, one of the menu item would have second menu bar.
2) Second Menu bar should have menu items and menus like from Main menu bar.
3) Colour and font selection theme menu, as per the selection menu bar color and font should be changed.
4) Menu Bar must be Fully Responsive to support all kind of devices.
5) Mega Menu would have side tabs panel and top tabs panel and those tabs also should be fully responsive when open in mobile device.
6) Any drop down menu can be easily attach and detachable .
7) One of Drop down shopping cart menu should have Product rows contains productimage, product title, product quantity update button, price, grand total, total amount with all related shopping cart functionality, and fully responsive. 
8) Json Rest services required to use to populate the data.  

Note : 
1) Demo Menu layout design and Bootstrap 4 card with over lay transition and all details has been given in attached document.
2) Version 1) Bootstrap 4+, Jquery3+ 
     Version 2) Bootstrap4 angular 8/9  

Home Page: Home page is like google search page and responsive the that sample layout image has been also attached

NOTE :Any of above Technology versions or both versions would also be preferable.