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Search online for Websites colleting discount codes

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You have to Search for Websites that are aggregators of Discount/Promo Codes, similar to,  from 60 countries of the world.

The job consist in:

    - Search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex; keywords like "Discount codes", "Promo codes", "Coupon codes", "Discount code booking", translated into the language of the country that you are searching for.
    - Navigate to every website that you find that aggregates discount and promo codes, evaluate if it's a good website or not. (Based on criteria that I will send later)
   - Look carefully if the user can add or send a discount code to the website, if not put the link on a different list inside the Excel file.
   - Write the website link on an Excel file.

The goal of this project is to find ALL the websites aggregators of discount/promo codes, from 60 countries.
I expect you to send me about 1000/1500 of websites that respect the requirements.
This number is just my prediction about how many could be, but you have to find all the websites available.

You have to use the google Chrome browser to translate webpages for languages that you don't know.

For each of the 4 terms, you need to search the first 50 results on Google, 30 results on Bing, Yahoo, 40 on Yandex.

What I want is websites that aggregate discounts codes or promo codes for online use, NOT coupons for restaurants, local shops or products. So NOT similar to Groupon, but similar to Retailmenot.
Look at the attached images.

This job doesn't require you to submit the coupon code to the websites, just to find the websites.

If you have internet speed lower than 20Mbps, don't make an offer for this project.

All the websites that you will send me have to be verified by you manually and respect the requirements.
I will check the websites you send and make a random research for some countries.

*** Only bid for this job if you want to do a premium work and carefully executed. And if you are available to work full time only on this project for 5-7 days, not busy on other projects or personal problems. ***

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