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Scala Developer needed to work on Chess Application

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I have my Chess Application which is developed using the Scala.

Code is the open source(Lichess) which is available on the Lichess Gitlab.

Code URL:

Below is the Scope of Work:

Integrate Waves Tokens(Blockchain Platform) into the Chess

Below are the Step by Step Guide on how to integrate Waves Tokens into Chess,
Welcome page + SignIn/Get Started. (testnet)

Please go through the below Sign Up Process which been implemented on the Waves Dex Platform We would like to follow similar Sign Up process on the Chess,

Step 1:
Open the URL:
Click: “Continue with Web” (We only needs this feature for the Chess Now)
Then Click “Get Started”

Step 2 :
Create Password

Step 3
Sign Up (Create New Account)
Sign In (Import Accounts)

Step 4
Choose Avatar
Account Address will be generated with the help of Waves

Step 5
Enter Account Name

Step 6
Back up or Do it later

Step 7:
Login to Chess Application

To implement this functions you will need this library

For Sign IN, User should be able to use the “Account Address” to access the account.

Login/signup should be server side for the integration with Chess server. On Waves Dex site they use client-side authorization.
Also, Please refer to the PPT for the Screens as well.

Initial token distribution for new users (testnet)
To implement this you'll need to issue the token on the testnet. You can do this in web or desktop or mobile Waves client. But you need to switch to testnet after login and get some waves via faucet here

Here are the instructions

After creating account user should receive some amount of tokens to play the game. So you should implement the faucet for user tokens request or you can do it automatically by server script.


I am looking for the developer who is very good at Scala combined with Blockchain Knowledge. Above is small piece of work on sucessfull completion will get more future works.

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