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Saudi Arabia history

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I am a writer who needs help. I do speak English and Arabic fluently. And I can do this job myself. 
 I need someone who I can direct to do this work for me so I can focus on finishing other things.   

I need an Arabic to English translator who is good at summarizing. Some parts don't need a translation. I'm paying USD 200 for 60 pages. This project might involve different topics, but most likely, it won't.
I will pay $40 for the first ten pages, and then we decide if we want to go forward.
Also, I'm looking for someone who I can use/trust for the long term. I have a lot of projects coming.

I need someone who has a skill in writing down the main things and filtering out the minor detail. I am an analyst, so I need someone to summarize history by focusing on how it happened. This assignment would require a lot of reading and skimming about 400 pages. I already have read all of it, and I will send you my notes and what to omit and what should be focused on. I will provide an outline to help to direct you. 

Send me a detailed message about your experience, skills, and years working as a translator or a writer.

This is a serious project for a book. I need proper work and cooperation.
Please don't reach out unless you have good eligibility.
If you don't have the experience, but you believe you can do this job, give me an explanation of why I should think that you can do the job.