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This is a tracker for 30 agents for now but the number will increase.

This needs to show:
1 - Stats for the previous months from July to December and highlighted on performance of APD (Applications per day), like shown in the attached tracker that was previously used (please note this was a rough one done but the new one needs to be better) just copy and paste these stats on a separate spreadsheet and work from there as were had different segments then.
2 - Daily performance for each day in January with the Apd conversion (below 1 is red, 1-1.4 is amber, above 1.4 is green) and SPD (Sales per day) percentage (40% and above is on target -green, anything below is red)
3 - work out the APD on days worked in the month. we work monday to friday so January has 20 days
4 - I need the revenue target broken down evenly between all agents and for them to be given a target of that and that to decrease as each sale is added into the SPD column - use the cost from the average commercial amount of R613 - if this could also show who is on target and not on target please.