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Reviewing series, movies and books.

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we aim to create a social community, a platform where people can come read, write and share about any series/movie/book they think to start or if they have already seen or read it, download, share and review it.For instance if u heard about sacred games and wondering what's it genre, imdb, will its plot entice u or not.. here comes us.. we will write a plot summary for u having all these info.. suppose u have seen breaking bad and want to download some of its memes, upload it on fb or edit them and create one of ur own.. again we come in.. we will have a download central where users will come, download and upload gifs, pics, memes, videos, bloopers.. what if u want to know about the cast of friends.. we will have a tab with the major cast list and an episode list.

But that's the end game, when the site will be widely popular, have a great footfall with hundreds of visits, we have to reach there.. starting from scratch, that's where we require people like you, who will give shape to the first few thousand movies, series and books reviewed.