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Responsive Website Multi Tenant with Custom Domain Mapping for EdTech LMS

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Summary :
Whats Multi Tenet & Custom Domain Mapping: 
Most of World system are Multi Tenant
Prime example :
Gmail/FB/ etc etc
But for comparison we use E Commerce
Amazon - Multi Tenant but no custom Domain mapping
Shopify - Multi Tenant but has custom Domain mapping (meaning will link to your own domain, but the SaaS Shopify product will be running the show.

Udemy - Multi Tenant but no custom Domain mapping - All trainers have same standard looks as Udemy Predefined - Keyword - Standard
Kajabi - Multi Tenant but has custom Domain mapping (meaning will link to your own domain, but the SaaS Kajabi product will be running the show.

Reference :
Find more articles in Google

1) Tech Stack Preference
GoLang - First
Python - Second
Express/Angular /Read / Node - Third
DB - Mongo / PostGres

2) Product to be made.
LMS product for Ed Tech Industry.

3) Features Set :
a) Check the site making  trial pro version for free

In nutshell, some features list / modules/ functionalities is as follows :
1. Website Builder
2. Blog Creation
3. Custom Domains
4. Unlimited Hosting
5. Membership Capabilities
6. Security & Customer Support
7. SEO Optimization
8. One-Click Publishing
9. Email Marketing
10. Marketing Pipelines
11. Landing Pages
12. Affiliate Program
13. Webinars
14. Integrated Payments
15. Multiple Pricing Options
16. Coupons and Promotions
17. Payment Plans
18. Abandoned Cart Recovery
19. Course Hosting
20. Gated Content
21. Quizzes & Assessments
22. Certificates
23. Integrations

Many tools above are Open Source available, smart teams comfortable with forking and customising welcome too

Team / Vendor should know to handle this Multi Tenant LMS System
Teams should have following personnel
a) It needs designing pages - Web designers - Aesthetically Pleasing and Web Responsive in Phase 1
b) It need Database design and implementation - DBA - Most Paramount on such Large Systems
c) It need Networking mailing etc - to make Mapping, etc - Devops - As Important as DBA in Multi Tenant 
d) It needs Testing - QA job - To Debug and give Bug Free Niche Product/Solution
e) It Needs Coding/Programming - Programmers 
In case you are single or small team and do not have all resources, and interested in Edtech LMS, Multi Tenant, message me, maybe i make a team and put you on same.

Why Golang :
Corporates are always looking to save money
If the product has 1-50 Million Visitor or Users (not plain Static Website - Even Wordpress can handle this and much more in few small server or droplets)
A tentative synopsis of Server Requirement is as Follows : Is not set in stone and depends on case to case basis :

Wordpress - 200-500 Server = 300 Avg X 300 Per Server X 12 Mth = 1.08 Million USD per annum Server Billing
Lemp/Mea(r) n - 150-350 Server = 200 Avg X 300 Per Server X 12 Mth = 720,000 USD per annum Server Billing
GoLang - 5 to 15 Server = 10 Avg Avg X 300 Per Server X 12 Mth = 36,000 per annum Server Billing

(Server here for reference - AMD EPYC - 64/128 Core /// 256 - 512 GB Ram /// 8 x 1 TB SSD /// 1 GBPS to 10 GBPS Bandwidth Unlimited )

Budget :
I stumbled on this interesting Marketplace for  Customer and Tech Vendors called Truelancer, seems interesting compared to the traditional established ones like FL and Upwork etc. So mucking around to learn solutions.
So one minor glitch in Budget = RANGE
Budget = 1000 - 4000 USD for Phase 1 Responsive Website Development
Phase 2 : Mobile Apps and All Bells and Whistles - To be discussed phase wise / Module Wise