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Responsive Magento eShop Design/UX & Development/API No Theme

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Looking for a freelancer (no companies please) to build a Single-Product eShop with Magento from Raw Content. You need to have great Design / UI/UX , Illustration / sketching, Brand-Management, Development Skills and Certified and experienced on the latest version of OpenSource Magento and relevant Extensions / APIs.

We should be able to wrap this up in 2 weeks at the most with continuous iterations till we get what we want. Approximately 60 hours should be enough time for a professional familiar with Design, Illustration, Branding and Development.

What we Have:
1. All the text content and a rough layout with picture boxes is available to start
2. We have a very basic logo and a Bird Character that will be part of the Branding
3. The Domain name is reserved and hosting / infrastructure will be paid by us
4. Our product is still under development and we currently have photographs of similar products
5. A very basic Brief covering the Product / Users / Market / Design / Branding to guide you on Design

What we need:
Stage #1:
1. Sketching / Illustration / Branding upgrades on the existing Logo, Character and the Product Pictures
2. Responsive and Unique Custom Design Concepts from the current content - Three is the worst case, and no Themes or Templates please.
3. An introduction video based on animation / sketches of around 3 minutes covering the product and its usage
(If this is something you cannot do - please let us know explicitly and we can work around this - you can leave a placeholder for now as part of the Design)
4. Provide an overview of the required infrastructure and architecture / listing out all the Extensions / APIs after a discussion on the project.

Stage #2:
1. Once one of the Design concepts is approved, you will finalize the Design with that concept
2. Build and optimize the UX/UI based on the user story and code the Design functionality
3. Add relevant OpenSource extensions for Products, Pricing, Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway, Admin Panel, Shipping & Logistics, Currency, Product Review Q&A, 3PL Suppliers, Email Notifications to supplier systems, Social Media Links, Product Reviews, Q&A, Product Support, Amazon / AliBaba / Other Marketplaces etc.
3. Help us go live with the full eCommerce Website in 2 weeks
4. Support us as and when required for the next 30 days with questions / issues
5. Give us a full copy of the code with overview of all components and assets used so anyone can take over the development at a later stage

We expect you to work for a minimum of 4 hours every day and have a 30 min Daily touch-point once the project is kicked-off to track progress.  This must be on Skype.

If this is interesting and if you are capable to deliver on all the above requirements, please share one example for each of the following:
1. Sketching / Illustration / Design skills - Product, Logo, Character
2. UI/UX Design
3. Explainer Video - 3 min or less
4. Custom Designed Magento Website
5. Total cost for the whole project assuming 60 hrs of work
6. Your availability for two weeks & Daily touch point
7. Contact info for an exploratory call

While we would prefer that you are motivated to deliver the full project, we could also agree on a reasonable fee to terminate the project at Stage #1 in case we do not like all your 3 Design concepts as part of your proposal.