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Researching new product line prices and responding to customer questions

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Who we are:

We are both an online/bricks and mortar shop, selling used
second hand items in the uk through ebay/gumtree. At the moment the core of our
business is iPhones, samsungs and apple watches.

We are looking for someone to join the team and help us with
customer emails, phone calls, customer returns and also researching new
products to sell. There’s three of us based here working out of the office, but
we are looking to outsource jobs which can be done remotely for a more cost
effective price. This allows us to scale up our business while taking less


The specifics:

-Customer emails will involve responding to queries about
products we are selling/have sold. Generally, this will be about postage, when
will it be shipped, questions about the accessories a certain product comes
with, etc.

-Phone calls: these will be from prospective customers
interested in viewing a phone. You’ll need to agree on a time, and book them in
for a viewing.

-Customer returns: we source our phones that we sell
directly from the end user. Quite frequently someone will send us a phone not
as described. This involves communicating with the customer to resolve any
number of issues, the most frequent are; an icloud left on the device, the
device not being unlocked to any network, chasing up why the device hasn’t

-Researching products to sell: We use the average price of
sold auctions on ebay as a way to measure the current average price of a
product. We filter the price based on key features such as the model, network,
memory, and condition. We also use bidvoy in conjuction with this; bidvoy
analyses all the auctions on ebay over a certain period of time to give a rough
idea to.

We will provide the prequisite training to help carry out
all the tasks.


Working Hours
& Pay:

-We are looking for 1 – 2 people to fill this role for a
total of 70 – 80 hours per week. Working hours would vary between 7am –
11.30pm, Monday – Sunday.

-The start would be immediate.


-We are looking to pay upto $5 an hour depending on previous
work experience.

What we’d like
from you:

-please send over any previous relevant experience you’ve
had; educational and/or work.

Skills needed:

-a strong grasp of the English language; when communicating
with potential clients over the phone/through written exchanges, it’s important
to be able to convey youself clearly, and have a good understanding of what
they mean.

-following the process: it’s important to be able to follow
the instructions laid out to ensure accurate information is gained, especially
when finding out the selling price of an item. Otherwise we’ll buy stuff that
we’ll struggle to sell on.


I look forward to hearing from you






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