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Research for Types of Online Assets you can purchase

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Need research done for content for an Ebook to "How to Purchase digital assets that generate income beyond the usual Stock Market approach".  Research report format should be Word.  



1. Should be easy for a novice investor to understand

2. Should have categories of different brackets (for example what can you do with 500$, 1000$,   2000$,  5000$, 10,000$ and upto a max of 20,000$)

3. Should be relatively effortless once purchased - this is meant for the "Lazy investor" - if I wanted a job, I would go get one!

4. Absolutely NOT a get-rich-quick scheme

5. Most of the readers of this content will be investors that practice DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging purchase of stocks). So they are used to buying things over time and then sitting back and doing nothing and collecting at least 3% returns per year.  They typically will never sell their stocks. They like slow and boring.

6. Content will eventually be used in an Ebook and I will own the content 100%

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This book details a step-by-step plan for you to gradually accumulate Online Assets over time all through the Internet. A strategy that is simple enough for anyone to understand and one that runs without you working in it once it's set up.  Today perhaps you do this through purchasing stocks or ETFs and earning 3% per year in returns. This book will show you other ways of generating returns through the slow purchase and accumulation of digital assets over time.

Note - Cryptocurrency is not an asset type that I would be interested in at all. Its too hard to explain to my user base.