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Require ffmpeg coding

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My name is Tien Lu and im working on a project with ffmpeg.

We are using adobe AIR to stream video to the wowza server
to broadcast. However we have some diffuclties on the ffmpeg command. We cannot seems to optimise the video.

I would like to know your hours if we would like you to
help me in creating the command.
Please let me know if you can do that.


My project is simple. It is just using adobe
AIR(Android/IOS) to broadcast to wowza server. In the wowza server, it will
re-stream to the wowza live http. In the process of stream, wowza will record
the restream as MP4. Finally when user finish live streaming, the server will
use ffmpeg to convert the saved MP4 and then convert to
mpd/m3u8. I will provide you the command we are using and also the sample
result we got. I want to optimise these commands so that it can output the
optimise format.


I would like to have

1. Optimise a re-stream command

2. Optimise a flv to mp4 command

3. Optimise a mp4 to mpd/m3u8 command


We would then use your commands for our project