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Require Excellent English Communications/Sales Skills for the next Unicorn Company!

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This position will be responsible for assisting our Executive with 1) Fundrasing and 2) B2B Sales.  This is the next Unicorn Company, therefore your efforts will be rewarded. 

You will be required to seek out High Net Worth Individuals and institutional investors to contact and pitch.  We have loads of information to provide which will assist in bringing people on board.  
You will be required to research, scrap and seek out potential Fortune 1000 companies who can utilize our unique industry software.  We currently have no competition in the marketplace, thus we are the first out of gate to introduce our product which the business world has wanted for years.

Put your sales and communication skills to work for the next 3 months and lets turn the business world upside down with our innovative product.

We are only looking for super motivated people with a good command of the English language.  If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.  

Please note, this is a global business and we will provide more information as to the target market once you are hired.