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Remote Management System for agricultural IOT

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We are looking for developers who can help in building a RMS (Remote Monitoring System) unit.
This unit provides connectivity between Pump controller in agri fields to the main server situated at state central location. IoT protocol to be implemented is MQTT.
This unit comprises the building blocks of Microcontroller unit with memory , 4g Modem, and small display. 
This unit will have 2 interfaces.
One side it will have RS485 port towards pump controller. It sends control signals and receives monitoring signals.
Other side will have GSM/GPRS 4G connectivity with which it will get connected to MQTT broker to share the monitored information.
This project has 2 phases.
Phase 1:
Build the solution by using eval boards ESP32 or any suitable MCU + 4G Modem + a small 4 line display. This POC phase.
Phase 2:
Bring all the eval board ckt on single PCB....and bring up the board.

After completing the project, there is a need of support for your developed portion, for any kinds of bug and issues we face while manufacturing the solution.
Time Line: 
POC--1 week
Phase 2-- Two weeks