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Redesign of existing website

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A redesign of an existing website is required

  • The designer is to put forward a proposed template / design solution and any associated ideas/suggestions for design that they have for improvement, such as new images, optimisation of layout of content. The template will be provided by the designer including all relevant licences and included in the project budget.
  • The new site must be mobile/tablet/laptop and desktop compatible.
  • All content will have to be transferred to the new website design, including all existing plugins on the website, online store, tawk chat application etc. The page/tab names will need to remain the same.
  • Any stock images provided by the designer will have to have the associated licence, whether open source or a paid licence. We can not put attribution on the website linking to images.
  • We will not be able to put any attribution for the developer on the bottom of the website.
  • The aim of this re-design is to increase number of visitors and time spent on the website. The new design must be structured to attract more visitors to the website and time spent viewing content on the website in order to increase the number of online bookings and sales.