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Recreate the HD version of low quality images of characters in every day situation

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I have many low quality images that are used to illustrate an existing video course that last 8 hours.

Because the quality of this video course is very bad, I want to recreate the video in high quality, and in order to be able to do that, I need to improve the quality the images.

I will provide the original Low Quality images (approx. 320x240 pixels), and the goal is to recreate them in High Definition format (resolution 1280x960 pixels).

Those images are quite simple, and are just representing characters interacting with each others, in day-to-day situations, on a white background.

The goal is to have the same type of image, with the same meaning/behavior from the characters, but in high quality.

I will attach couple of low quality images extracted from those videos, so you can have an idea about it.

I guess there are couple of ways to do it :
- it's possible to draw everything from scratch (but it will take quite some time, i guess)
- it's possible to use a characters library for After Effects, like AinTrailers (probably the fastest way to do it) or to use some other characters library

Because there are many images to recreate (I would say between 300 and 600 images), I think that using AinTrailers or another characters library would be the fastest way to do it.

My budget for this project is

I think that for someone that has good Adobe After Effects skills, and is using AinTrailers, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to create 1 image, and export it in HD.

So if we consider that there are 600 images x 5 minutes = 3000 minutes in total.
So it's 50 hours of work for an experienced After Effect user with AinTrailers.

Considering a budget of $600, if we deduce the AinTrailers licence ($195), then there is $405 remaining, so divided by 50 hours, it's approximately $8/Hr.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Thanks :)