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Read and write from and in MSSQL Database via Access, create proper Access forms

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MSSQL Server 16 database on root server used for a warehouse management and inventory system should be read out to Access.

In Access several forms need to build to modify the data in the MSSQL database (write in database)

1. Milestone: Build Form for Simple Editing of German and English Part Name.
1a. Read from MSSQL Database and write back to it.
1b. Filter buttons for different part classes (variation father part, variation part and BOM part)

2. Milestone: Price Management form
Read price data from MSSQL and edit Purchase price, Selling Price Company 1, Selling Price Company 2, Selling Price Company 3 (Onlineshop price, Ebay price, amazon price, bulk order prices) 
Calculation based on Excel table or Access. Calculation based on Excel is given.

3. Milestone: EAN code process
table with all company EAN codes is given and will be mapped to all variation parts

4. Milestone: On main part list form CSV import and CSV export (marked columns) buttons