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Python tutorial content writer/creator small Python scripts, projects

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I am looking for truelancers with good experience in Python programming to aid in tutorial content creation for a youtube channel I am working on.

For this project, I would like to hire someone to create an unique script/project that can fit within a 10 - 20 min youtube video. It should be unique in the sense that this tutorial isn't readily available on youtube.
You will NOT need to create a video as I will be the narrator of the video. I just need someone to come up with the material. The material should be on a jupyter notebook (unless there is a good reason), and I will ask questions if I don't understand a part of the code. So you should be able to explain the material perfectly if you are indeed the creator of the content.

Here are some examples of what I am working on:

Creating a reddit scraper using reddit api and creating some sort of analysis on it
sending emails via Python
adding watermarks to images
creating a ftp/sftp server

Basically I want to showcase the variety of tasks Python can accomplish.
If you find any interesting modules that can accomplish unique tasks, those are highly welcomed.
For example I would like someone who is well versed in Pyaudio to create a tutorial of how to
convert audio into visible waves. However, you need to be able to explain the code clearly if I have any questions.

Please do not just copy and paste someone else's work and by accepting this job, you are relinquishing all rights of the content to me forever. I will be sole owner of the content forever. I may also edit the work as needed to fit my needs (legal stuff so I don't get into trouble)

I have experience in Python, but I would like to increase my content creation to release more videos at a faster pace.

I am willing to pay $3 - $5 per script (or more depending on the content) for the content creation of this project so please revise your proposal accordingly as I can't seem to revise my proposal.

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