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Python multiprocessing Requests

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1 - There is a website (indicated in the discussion section, CANADIAN VPN is needed to enter)
2 - There is data XXXXXXXXXXXXX: XX: XX: XXX (I indicated the necessary numbers in the discussion section)
3 - These data must be entered on this site in the required fields through Request and receive a response
4 - The site responds response current balance if the data is correct.
Processing a huge list of data

For maximum fast processing, you need to use 4 simultaneous threads per core using multiprocessing.

Resolve Funcaptcha

It is necessary to change the proxy through every 4th request (I have a huge list of proxies ip: port: username: password)

To send and receive data (for request)
UCP or Telegram Bot (as you prefer)

Important [link]
For faster processing of requests, the python program will be installed on 5+ servers, therefore it is important for us that the freelancer who undertakes this business has an idea of ​​how to combine the power of all 5+ servers into one, so that all 5+ PCs work together from one panel and execute processes faster with each new addition of equipment
Successful result if
0. All that is specified in the statement of work is completed
1. Request XXXXXXXXXXXX: 08:23: 540 for 1-3 seconds returns a response with a balance of XXXXXXXXXXXX: 08: 23: 540: 22 $
2. Permissible processing time and receiving a response of 1-3 seconds per 1 card (When working on the same server with 4 cores)
3. Completed on time

! Instructions for freelancers to study the site

Here are the details for recording the Network entry of the site XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 08:23 540
Network recorder (it is advisable to open in a new tab) if it nevertheless blocks "invalid request, please try again = the funcaptcha system has blocked for security.

CAPTCHA bypass
Any captcha - this site has a certain key to captcha. And the programmer finds this key and see where this key is used on the site. And what kind of Response site expects from the key. That is, captcha is a set of characters at the input and a set of characters at the output. Even ReCaptcha from Google 2 or 3 versions are also character sets. For us, people, it's like I'm not a robot, guessing pictures, etc.
If you do not understand what I mean, just pass this project

Facts about CAPTCHA: The site never asks for it if you have PROXY Residential (residential IP)

Link to the site (Do not forget about turn on Canadian VPN)
Data for input 5338140246723916: 08: 23: 540