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Python lesson content writer CLASSES/OOP

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Looking for a content writer to write lesson contents

for CLASSES /OOP in Python.

This set of lessons should be comprehensive covering most
of CLASSES in Python and should be in lesson/blog format.

These lessons will be aimed beginners in Python and should be comprehensive covering most topics in OOP in Python.
This is a great opportunity for someone familiar with Python who wants to get better acquainted or
take a deep dive into classes in Python. You will have the chance to improve your Python skills and get
paid for it at the same time.

These works must not be direct copies from other's blogs.
The examples should be unique, and created by yourself (though you can take inspiration from blogs)

Also, please list all references.

All lesson must be done with Jupyter Notebooks or something similar.

Please do not copy the materials from blog or books (you can take inspiration).
Additionally, I will gain rights to the content you write for this transaction forever,
so I can modify as well as use the content in whatever manner I would like.  
You will be forbidden to sell this material to someone else
or use it in blogs etc without my permission first.

Before I can hire you:

A sample blog writing regarding a topic in Python to gauge your writing and Python Skills
or a blog page. Link to github/blog is even better.

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