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Python for stock-market trading

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Hello and welcome,

This is about coding a quantified strategy for trading in the Indian stock market. The task is to code signals for buying, selling and execution of orders on the Brokers terminal based on defined mathematical values.
The strategy is a blend of day as well as positional. The code should be able to keep getting intelligent and be able to generate higher profits through the trades, curbing the losses. Elements of the project are -

1. Identifying data (high and low strikes and high and low premiums) from live stock market based on the model
2. Calculating (based on defined values) entry price, stop-loss and target prices

3. Back-testing the strategy/codes’ effectiveness, report generation for the 3 years performance
4. Executing buy and sell trades and
5. Flexibility in the code for changing values per market situation

Key terms -

1. My budget is approx. Rs. 20,000 INR.

2. Only those with experience in successful completion of similar projects apply.

3. Those who have existing projects may excuse, because the work needs to begin immediately.

4. Payment to be released only after successful test for 7 days in the realtime and live set-up. Live testing will begin only after back-testing and its favorable results. If the back-testing results are not showing good profits then the code will have to be edited. 
5. Project will be considered complete only after results showing that the code is able to learn on its own and keep enhancing the profits. 
6. Condition/rules for the code is ready in a word document

7. 4 Weeks of post development support

As you are well aware the Indian stock market is of humungous size, more than Rs. 10 lakh crores per day. This is just the beginning since I have several other strategies to code.

Looking forward.

Warm regards.